About us

We are a team of professionals ready to help you with your kitchen renovation, be it a small update or major refurbishment

From your dreams to reality

Oosi Bespoke Kitchens team members have more than a decade of hands-on experience in designing, creating and installing made to order fine kitchens. Whatever the space and style, our team will focus our professionalism, creativity and efforts to deliver a result that would be nothing short of outstanding.


We care for each of our clients and each project, and this is why we work towards delivering precisely crafted bespoke kitchens tailored to fit our clients’ lifestyle, needs and desires while making a style statement.

How we got here

It started with just four of us, who decided to unite our efforts and skills to help people improve their lives by changing their kitchen. Ever since our team has grown by adding both experienced and young innovative members and now we are a big family of professionals with one goal: to make our clients happy by delivering that refreshing change they need!

Over 10


Our friendly team has spent over a decade working hard hand in hand. Today this helps us understand each other almost without words, optimise our collaboration processes and deliver outstanding bespoke kitchens!

Over 20


We, the designers, architects and craftsmen are those who form Oosi team and daily do our best to bring our clients’ dream kitchens to life, be it posh, homey, contemporary, classic, family-oriented, foodie, entertainment or other bespoke kitchens fitted to their needs and taste.

Over 1000


Many of our new customers find us through personal recommendations, which a great compliment each and every time from our clients. We assign this success to our team’s professionalism, highest-quality materials and precision of projects execution.

Experienced team

We are a trusted bespoke kitchen design and build company that has completed over 100 major kitchen refurbishment projects we take pride in. Yet these results would not be possible without our people. Our team combines skills, experience, youth and innovation, uniting our abilities to actualise the most unordinary yet practical and stylish bespoke kitchen ideas to suit the individual lifestyle and desires of every client we work with.

Bespoke Kitchens

Regardless of whether you need more worktop space or want to put an emphasis on the dining space, stay assured that our team will deliver the best solution by creating your unique bespoke kitchen built with the highest-quality materials


To enhance the value of your home by delivering a luxury bespoke kitchen that will make a style statement and leave space for fascination to take root

What we do

  • Kitchens
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Bespoke joinery
  • Commercial bespoke joinery