Stylish Simplicity

The floating, modern cupboard creates an open feel, and the crisp, clean lines make it a stylish yet simple addition to the overall design of the space. The natural wood invokes warmth against the cool backdrop and offers enduring appeal.

Large Worktop with Vessel Sink

There’s no lack of space on this stylish bespoke cupboard. The oblong vessel sink frees up the worktop and adds a luxurious, modern edge.

Open Shelving

The open shelving below the drawers creates extra storage – but it also adds style. By thoughtfully adding functional accessories, you can add unique touches without over accessorizing the space.

Handless Drawers

Three large, handless drawers provide ample storage and create a modern aesthetic with clean lines and a flat front.

Handmade Cupboards

Our team is here to listen to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a modern or classic bespoke cupboard, our experienced craftsman will perfect it down to the very last detail.