Bespoke Kitchen Seating

Comfortable Originality

The kitchen is as much about social connection as it is food. Our bespoke kitchen seating is crafted to organically integrate into your kitchen design, providing original style and ultimate function. Whether it’s our bespoke kitchen table and chairs or comfortable banquette seating, Oosi’s team only uses the finest quality materials and expert design.

Bespoke Kitchen Seating

Good design should pave the way for decades of beauty, love and luxury. At Oosi, we stay on the cutting edge of modern design – without sacrificing value and durability.

Maximizes Your Space

Our designers thoughtfully plan how to incorporate the amount of seating that will foster connection without overloading your space.

Designed for Your Lifestyle

Don’t design your life around your kitchen – design your kitchen around your life. Our kitchen seating is handmade and tailored to create the perfect fit for you and your home.

Built to Last

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality timber in our bespoke kitchen seating – giving you beauty and value for years to come.