Timeless Diversity

Kennedy’s design offers a wealth of options from modern to traditional bespoke kitchen seating. Whether you want to compliment your classic kitchen or add a contemporary flair, this handmade kitchen seating will take your kitchen to the next level.

Mixed Media Designs

While many of our bespoke kitchen tables and chairs are solid wood, Kennedy’s design brings in the added beauty of metal and decorative cushioning.

Meticulously Crafted

They’re not just beautiful from afar – they’re crafted with care down to the last detail and will last for years to come.

Seamless Joinery

Meticulously crafted, these bespoke kitchen chairs and tables have the balanced appearance of each being carved out of a solid piece of wood.

Make a Design Statement

Our highly sought-after bespoke kitchen tables and chairs are handmade and custom-fitted. Our team is here to listen to your needs and help turn your vision into reality.