Simple and Sophisticated

This classic English kitchen design radiates warmth and will maximize your storage space no matter the size of your kitchen. The clean and simple lines and cream color palette create an open feel, and the center placement of the cabinet handles affords a unique and unified style.

Abundant Storage

It’s our priority to ensure our bespoke traditional kitchens are practical to today’s lifestyle. Aria has almost floor to ceiling cabinets include deep drawers and wide, pantry-style storage.

Light and Open Feel

You don’t need to have a huge space to have an airy and expansive classic style kitchen. Aria’s monotone color pallete and light wood countertops create the feel of an open concept while offering more storage.

Built-in Appliances

The countertop grill and built-in stove and microwave optimize space and add high-quality convenience.

Design Your Style

Connect with one of our dedicated kitchen designers to create a bespoke classic luxury kitchen that reflects your unique style and will bring beauty and value for years to come.