Classic Comfort

One of our popular bespoke traditional kitchens, Avery is a warm and stylish classic English kitchen design. But it’s not just built for beauty — Avery incorporates practicality and modern convenience to create a timeless kitchen to be enjoyed for years to come by all who cook, gather and dine.

Modern Rustic Charm

The classic feel of the cabinetry and the aged look of the countertop blend history with modern luxury. And by using lighter colors on the upper cabinetry, Avery fosters an open feel without losing necessary storage.

Thoughtfully Placed Storage

In this classic style kitchen, you’ll have abundant storage both above and below the countertops, all encased by large pantry style cabinets. The glass paned cabinets add that extra touch of timeless beauty and allow you to show the details of your unique style.

Stylish Simplicity

Avery is simple yet captivating with a subway tile backlash and tile floor. The built-in oven and countertop grill maintain the classic style without sacrificing practicality.

Make your dream classic luxury kitchen a reality

Whether you see yourself in one of our completed projects or are dreaming up your own classic luxury kitchen plans, we’re here to help you create a space that feels like home.