Bespoke Modern Kitchens

Contemporary Luxury

What is a modern style kitchen?

Modern contemporary kitchen design hinges on minimalist styling and clean lines. Using flat surfaces, geometric forms, and little or no ornamental details, modern kitchen design forms a simple, sleek and practical space to cook and entertain. At Oosi, our bespoke modern kitchens are light, stylish and cozy.

Contemporary Bespoke Kitchens

At Oosi, we stay on the cutting edge of modern design without sacrificing value and durability. Connect with our team to start building the kitchen of your dreams.

Simplicity and Practicality

Many of our cabinet designs are handless and flat-fronted, creating a simple feel and keeps the focus on practical use of your space.

Clean Lines and Open Space

Our luxury modern kitchen designs harness the power of open space to foster a light feel and use clean lines on cabinets, islands and countertops for a modern edge.

Built to Last

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality timber, stone and kitchen appliances in our bespoke modern kitchens — giving you beauty and value for years to come.