Maximized Design

A small space doesn’t stop this modern contemporary kitchen design from radiating warmth and sleek simplicity. Using an optimized layout, Layla incorporates an open concept and carefully chosen accessories to create an expansive feel.

Copper Details

Set against the cool blue color pallete, the copper faucet, knobs and lighting provide contrast and warmth to invoke the feeling of a much larger space.

Lacquered Cabinets

The sheen and clean lines of Layla’s cabinets help make this modern open plan kitchen feel spacious and the creative layout allows for floor to ceiling storage.

Built-in Appliances

Using the common practice in luxury modern kitchen designs of seamlessly integrating the grill and oven, the design creates additional space convenience.

Optimize Your Design

No matter the shape or size, every Oosi bespoke modern kitchen keeps style and practicality are at the forefront. Let our dedicated designers customize your design to fit your small space, ensuring you‘ll have both luxury and convenience.