Bespoke Shaker Kitchens

Timeless Sophistication and Versatility

What is a Shaker kitchen?

A Shaker kitchen is famous for its simplicity and functionality, making it a versatile staple for any modern kitchen design. Most easily recognized by the flat centre panel and a raised rectangular frame on cabinets, doors and drawers, Shaker kitchens use balanced proportions and elegant lines. Bespoke Shaker Kitchens by Oosi are handcrafted and hand painted in London, using original Shaker style cabinets to design the most coveted bespoke Shaker kitchens in the UK.

The Heart of a Home

From rustic to modern, our bespoke Shaker kitchens are the heart of a home. Connect with our designers to discuss your Shaker kitchen ideas and start creating memories with those you love.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Each of our handmade kitchens is thoughtfully crafted in our London workshop using traditional joinery methods and meticulous attention to detail.

Hand painted Cabinetry

Many luxury Shaker kitchens use a neutral color pallete, but the possibilities are endless — add your own color style and easily update it in the future.

Ultimate functionality

Oosi’s handmade Shaker kitchen furniture is built for utility and durability. We use only the highest quality, long lasting wood and layout your design for maximized storage and practicality.