Why Oosi

Because we are the bespoke kitchen company that delivers kitchens designed and crafted to perfection and tailored to fit each client’s lifestyle

Because we
hear you

From the very moment when you tell us about your exclusive dream kitchen, we note every detail to guarantee that we deliver a precisely crafted kitchen, perfect for you. We listen, and this indeed helps us to create for you the space where you will find your own personal comfort and peace.

Because we deliver

Every member of our team is a talented professional. Combining our skills and expertise with the habit of working together helps us to better understand each other and express our ideas, while that family-like chemistry supports a smooth working process. This is the way we work. With each member of our team concentrated on the creation of your bespoke kitchen, the final product is flawless every time, perfectly suited for both your kitchen and lifestyle.

Make your dream kitchen real!

No need to look up what are the best kitchen brands. Brand kitchens are for everybody, but you are not everybody. Reach out to us and we will transform your dream kitchen into reality while adding a touch of your individuality to make it perfect

Because our designers conjure beauty

Our design philosophy is to create a space that would bring peace to your heart and mind while being an absolute delight to spend time cooking. From the very first sketches, our experienced designers create magic, organising all the elements you want and need in your kitchen in the most suitable way to fit your habits and desires. But functionality is not all they settle for. The perfect bespoke kitchen is complete when practicality meets understated elegance, the best materials and the finest colours.

Because our craftsmen build perfection

No matter how perfect the concept, its transformation into reality is just as important as the flawlessness of the design. Oosi’s team of master craftsmen will meticulously carve every single detail, precisely assemble each element, delicately decorate till the final lick of paint and will not relax until we are sure that what we present to you is nothing short of outstanding. Oosi bespoke kitchens and services are of the highest standards and exquisite quality.

Because we stand behind our promises

We are so confident that even the smallest elements of the bespoke kitchens we make will stand the test of time that we offer you a 10-year guarantee on every handmade kitchen we manufacture and install. Even if you do need a little fix, all you have to do is to let us know and we will be by your doorstep at short notice. We promise perfection, and we work hard to deliver on that promise from the first steps of your luxury bespoke kitchen creation and years after its installation.