Working Process

Taking the responsibility for every step of the working process, we make sure to deliver the bespoke luxury kitchen precisely crafted for your lifestyle and needs

From the initial sketch to the finishing touches

From the very beginning of the working process, we get to know and understand all your desires for your new bespoke handmade kitchen and then tailor each element to your personal requirements. All the following stages are aimed at the creation of the perfect bespoke kitchen that would make it a safe space to work in and guarantee an enjoyable cooking experience.

Because we listen

We will walk with you through the steps in transforming your kitchen


  • 01
    DialogueIt all starts with a talk. Either you call us at +447985246834 or leave us a message, we will make sure we get in touch and listen to what you have to say. Every dream kitchen project is a challenge to us, and we are willing to make all the necessary extra steps to understand the practicalities and your material preferences and create the bespoke handmade kitchen that would make cooking easier and bring joy to the moments you spend in the kitchen.
  • 02
    StyleDo you have a certain bespoke kitchen style in mind? Or maybe you found a particular model that you would like to be adjusted to your space and needs? Send us the images or make a wish list of features and our experienced designers and architects will come up with a range of ideas tailored to these requirements. It would be helpful if you would also send us some pictures of your kitchen room so that we get a better idea of the layout and design possibilities.
  • 03
    MeasurementOnce we are on the same page, we will arrange a home visit to measure the kitchen’s dimensions, including floor to ceiling distance, length of walls sizes of doors and windows openings in the kitchen. Furthermore, based on the previous steps we will come up with some sketches along with a few material samples. Thus, there is no need for you to window-shop at home supply retailers, as we will show and explain the peculiarities and features of the materials that will best suit the true bespoke kitchen you have in mind. From this stage we assign a dedicated project manager that will guide you through all further steps, inform you about the making process and answer all your questions.
  • 04
    DesignProceeding to the design stage, we will consider all the information we have so far and all your personal requirements to create the design of your future bespoke kitchen. Our team of expert designers will come up with several bespoke kitchen design iterations as well as colour combinations. Have no doubt, that each of these iterations will match the design of your dwelling while making your kitchen as accessible and open as possible and assure the optimum use of space. These will be presented to you with due explanations. If you have no further requirements you will choose the design you prefer the most.
  • 05
    MakingOur designers’ expertise along with close collaboration with architects and craftsmen is the reason why there are no missing details. This is how we make sure each bespoke kitchen we build is precisely crafted. Our highly skilled craftsmen meticulously work on every component to deliver uncompromising quality with each luxury bespoke kitchen element we create, be it fitted or freestanding bespoke kitchens. Please consider that the progress of each project lasts about six to eight weeks and may take longer for special pieces.
  • 06
    DeliveryWhen all the components are ready, your project manager will contact you to schedule the installation date. We handle the delivery and installation process from the beginning to the final touch, so you can focus on other activities important to you. There is no need to look for home services providers or other tradesmen, as we will make sure we have all the experts required to install all the bespoke kitchen components and confirm the well-functioning of all appliances. We work meticulously on every detail so that the final result is what you’ve expected and more.
  • 07
    GuaranteeWe are so confident of the quality of the materials we use in building our bespoke kitchens and services we provide that we offer you a 10-year guarantee on any bespoke kitchen we build and install. A bespoke handmade kitchen is an investment for years to come, and we want to ascertain that you are indeed happy with yours. Stay confident that if anything does happen to any of your bespoke kitchen components, we will fix it for you or replace it instantly and efficiently, so that maybe you will be the only one to notice.